Write a story about the rock cycle

Plate Tectonics InJ. Secondary changes[ edit ] Epigenetic change secondary processes occurring at low temperatures and low pressures may be arranged under a number of headings, each of which is typical of a group of rocks or rock-forming minerals, though usually more than one of these alterations is in progress in the same rock.

Rock cycle

Write a story about her "mixed up" emotions when she finds out that she might have had more than one life. You may want students to write their own poem on information they learned already.

He sat there until he cooled into the smooth-grained, black stone once more. You know, when an igneous rock becomes a sedimentary rock, etc. So he jumped in the lava flow and for the next thousand years, he flowed everywhere. This fragmented material accumulates and is buried by additional material.

Any pre-existing type of rock can be modified by the processes of metamorphism. But so worth it. Rocks exposed to high temperatures and pressures can be changed physically or chemically to form a different rock, called metamorphic. This juvenile basaltic magma is an early phase of the igneous portion of the cycle.

We had a blast! Weathering and erosion break the original rock down into smaller fragments and carry away dissolved material. The pressure, the heat. Other class members can give ideas that might spark an interest in other students. Forces that drive the rock cycle[ edit ] Main article: They sat on their mountain and watched the world change around them.

Iggy wanted to be more like his friends Magma and Lava. His fellow rock club members were so smooth and polished. They were once igneous or sedimentary rocks, but have changed under heat and pressure. He enrolled in Metamorphic Rock Boot Camp and for the next tens of thousands of years, he transformed his image.

Any of the three main types of rocks igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks can melt into magma and cool into igneous rocks. His hard edges wore away and he relaxed in the riverbed, his minerals settling into layers.

Guide the students so that they include some of the following information: While an individual grain of sand is still a member of the class of rock it was formed from, a rock made up of such grains fused together is sedimentary.

I want to see how sedimentary rocks live. If the conditions no longer exist for the magma to stay in its liquid state, it cools and solidifies into an igneous rock. Silicificationthe replacement of the minerals by crystalline or crypto-crystalline silica, is most common in felsic rocks, such as rhyolitebut is also found in serpentine, etc.

You see how the other rocks live. He ignored Cousin Bobby and looked at Iggy. Many "sci fi" writers need to consult scientists to make sure their writing are accurate.In this writing and illustrating activity, students will be able to follow a simple rock cycle to follow the life of "Rocky the Rock".

After investigating the rock cycle, students will then be able to illustrate the rock cycle, along with writing the story of. Lesson: The Rock Cycle Overview & Objectives Students learn about the rock cycle and write a creative story about the history of their “special” rock, tracing its journey over the millennia as it morphs from writing, artone kind of rock to the next.

Write a story about her "mixed up" emotions when she finds out that she might have had more than one life.

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Have students decide whether Mildred was an igneous or a sedimentary rock in her first life. Metamorphic rock, which comes from the Greek to "change form," is formed by applying great pressure and temperature to existing rock converting it into a new distinct type of rock.

Igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks, and even other metamorphic rocks and be modified into metamorphic rocks. The Rock Cycle: Uniformitarianism and Recycling. See more like this. Our lesson plans are written and reviewed by educators using current research and writing best instructional practices and are aligned to creative and national standards.

The Rock Cycle – A Story. Posted by Becca on Jan 31, in Fun Stuff | 28 comments. I mentioned on Twitter a few weeks ago that my son had written a story for his sixth grade science class. The assignment was to write a narrative and do character sketches to illustrate the rock cycle.

Write a story about the rock cycle
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