Refutation essay rubric

Argumentative Essay Rubric

Some unclear or confused sentences; the writer shifts person throughout the essay or uses "you" and "I" frequently. Their argument is that school choice would allow all parents the freedom, regardless of income level, to select the school that provides the best education Chub and Moe.

Body has no shape and shows little attempt at organization. Refutation paragraph acknowledges the opposing view, and summarizes their main points.

Introduction states the thesis but does not adequately explain the background of the problem. To Dershowitz--a self proclaimed civil libertarian--this tradeoff would be well worth it. Specific criteria are explicitly stated, facilitating the grading process and increasing your objectivity.

In the concession the author clearly agrees with the opposing view and still states why their opinion is right. States the thesis of the paper. Body has a clear shape that demonstrates mature organization.


Such cards would enable airport security officials to do instant background checks on everyone. Payment is required at the time you place your order. Only one body paragraph contains a refutation. After you and your students have used the rubric, have them work in groups to make suggested alterations to the rubric to more precisely match their needs or the parameters of a particular writing assignment.

Conclusion summarizes main topics, but is repetitive. Most sentences are complete, accurate and clear; there is an occasional use of "you" in the essay, indicating a lack of revision or control.

iRubric: Argumentative Essay rubric

Please be as accurate as possible: Paragraphing is haphazard and no transitions are used-under 11pts. The explicitness of the expectations helps students know exactly why they lost points on the assignment and aids them in setting goals for future improvement.

In order to help your students meet or exceed expectations of the assignment, be sure to discuss the rubric with your students when you assign an essay.

iRubric: 7th Grade Argumentative Essay Rubric

It is feared that these corporations could grow to a point that public control of education would be lost.

Many unclear or incomplete sentences. Mechanics Sentence structure is strong and done correctly. Paragraphing is haphazard and transitions are superficialpts. Refutation missing or vague. However, there are many who disagree with these contentions.

Some grammatical and punctuation errors are present. Best of all, it would reduce or eliminate the need for racial profiling: Uses varied sentence structures-5pts.

Essay is logically developed and moves the reader easily through the text. All sources are relevant and reliable. There is no concl.Argumentative Rubric 4 3 2 1 INTRODUCTION Background/History Defining the Problem Claim Statement 15 points Refutation Conclusion 50 points Well-developed argumentative points throughout essay.

Punctuation, spelling, & capitalization are accurate with few or no errors. Refutation paragraph(s) acknowledges the opposing view and summarizes their main points. Logical, compelling progression of Documents Similar To argumentative essay rubric.

in this english 11 class i have learned a lot and i. Uploaded by. api rubric. Uploaded by. api Compare and Contrast Essay.

Uploaded by. iRubric: 7th Grade Argumentative Essay Rubric preview rubric edit print email Copy to my rubrics Bookmark test run apply to delete: 7th Grade Argumentative Essay Rubric Refutation acknowledges opposing viewpoints clearly and skillfully.

Conclusion revisits the thesis in a new way and applies the writer's position universally. Proficient. Persuasive Essay:: Zip Code: Since RubiStar is free, supported by a grant from the U.S.

Dept. of Education, we use the zip codes in your reports to show where RubiStar is being used. International You can edit the rubric by making changes (add text, change text, delete text) in. Rubric for Argumentative Essay. Student’s Name: Quality.

Strongest: 5. Adequate: 3. Weakest: 1. Score FOCUS/ UNITY Paper is focused and doesn’t go off on tangents. Makes a point Paper is mostly focused and does not go off on tangents. This rubric delineates specific expectations about an essay assignment to students and provides a means of assessing completed student essays.

Refutation essay rubric
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