Oral book report ppt

Oral Presentation and Powerpoint

The following guidelines will help you to look good and sound good as you give a talk: An animated speaker, up to a point, will enliven the presentation. Turn off the projector or create a dark screen when no visuals are relevant; literally invite your audience to turn its attention away from one thing to another.

If a blackboard is available, it is perfectly acceptable to draw on it to supplement the transparencies in conveying the subject matter. You should time yourself at least once Oral book report ppt advance so you have some sense of how much can be said in five minutes. Describe the setting of the book.

Ultimately, he impressed his point on the audience not with the magic of presentation software, but with reasoning, creativity, common sense, and the bottom line.

Be animated and enthusiastic, but carefully so—many notches above the "just-the facts" Joe Friday, but many notches below the over-the-top Chris Rock.

Most of that speech was—as you might guess—banal. Format of an oral book report Start with introducing the book to the audience. If you need to cite a source of information, include the citation in a smaller font size at the bottom of your slide.

Oral Book Review Format - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

One simple circle drawn briefly around the selected information is enough to draw our attention. Use body language to mark the change. Offer only one major point per illustration. Dress up and give the report as if you are the main character telling what happened to you. Ideally, a transparency has a single purpose ex.

Maintain eye contact with at least a few people—especially those who are being the most responsive—in various parts of the room. How do characters change throughout the story?

Mark your transitions A "transition" is the point where you move from one topic to another, or from one section of your talk to another. Let us remind you that here you should tell when and where the story described in the book takes place. Depending on the setup of the projector and the size of the presentation area, larger font may be needed.

Especially when using an overhead projector, point to the projected image of your slide ideally, use a stick pointer or laser pointer rather than the original source. An oral presentation uses different vocabulary, structure, and syntax than a written essay. The setting is where the main part of the story takes place.

Beware, though, of overusing your body, especially to the point of distraction. He simply left the screen blank, proposed the option of taking no action, and then shut off the projector. The Structure of your Report The following is a basic structure that should be successful for most novels: Take charge of slide design by considering first the most efficient way to transmit the necessary information.

Speak clearly, and look directly at your audience not just at Prof. Make notes for a talk about any novel of your choice. Here, you can also read about an oral book report rubric. Revisit the objective at the end if necessary to underscore how it was realized.

You can mark your transitions in various ways: When using bulleted lists in slides, present each bulleted line in parallel fashion—i. Often, it is sufficient to list the authors, the title name of book or journaland the year of publication, though full citations can be used if desired.

Which talk would you rather attend: You can show it to your audience and possibly refer to parts you have bookmarked. You must look at your audience make eye contact with every single person there!example of powerpoint book report Tone: The writer's attitude toward his or her audience and subject.

The words he/she uses establishes the tone of the piece. Preparing an Oral Book Report. Your task is to give talk to your classmates about a novel you have read. The talk will last for about minutes and you will allow the audience to ask questions at the end.

Essential points. This is a talk, not an essay read out loud. Sample Scoring Rubrics for Presentations Scoring Rubric for Oral Presentations: Example #1. Oral Book Report 3. By William benitez. Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Book 1 The L ightning Thief. Half-Bloods.

Percy Jackson Annabeth Chase Luke Clarisse. Gods. Zeus Poseidon Dionysus Ares Hades. Enemies. Furies/Mrs. Dodds A Minotaur Medusa Slideshow by rance.

Oral presentation and speaking are important skills for students to master, especially in the intermediate grades. This oral presentation rubric is designed to fit any topic or subject area. The rubric allows teachers to assess students in several key areas of oral presentation. The PowerPoint PPT presentation: "Oral Book Review Format" is the property of its rightful owner.

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Oral book report ppt
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