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The madam does as asked and drops Paul off at home, where things start to get tricky. So, were there boobs in this movie? Everything is covered, but never was Meyer this explicit.

Finders Keepers, Lovers Weepers! (1968) Nude Scenes

I was prepared to sit back and enjoy this kind of romp when I cranked up the only VCR in my circle of acquaintance and loaded Finders Keepers, Lovers Weepers!

After arguing for a bit, Paul grows angry. To spice things up this time he has added a couple of other ingredients like the robbery of a go-go bar and the wife of the owner of said bar being in an abusive relationship.

Paul is a bit of a douche as he likes to visit a local brothel run by a black woman, who Movie finders keepers lovers weepers all kinds of white girls employed. Kelly and the bartender stumble on this scene, and the robbers quickly use the new hostages as collateral, dispatching the bartender and threatening to rape Kelly unless Paul tells them the safe combination.

Some feminist opinions declare anything that offers up the female physique for male enjoyment is exploitive. You need a man who treats a woman like a woman Finders Keepers, Lovers Weepers!

Instead of brushing it off, she runs out of the house distressed to the only man she talks to on a regular basis: After a lengthy visit at the brothel where Paul has sex with both a white girl and the black owner interracial intercourse, another controversial element he gets a bit too rough and is dropped at his house by the bouncer of the brothel.

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Partway through the act, he finally relents, offering up the safe number. As Kelly strips with wild enthusiasm, her dance is intercut with flashbacks from the scene with Paul, and her face in the flashbacks records a notably more ambiguous, maybe even pleasurable, reaction than I remember from the scene itself.

He brings her to his house where they enjoy classic Meyer sex — intercut with footage of a demolition derby — in the hot tub. Initially, the film revels in her newfound sensual freedom when she strips despite the will of her husband and allows herself to be seduced by the bartender. Well before blaxploitation came around Meyer included a strong black woman pimping white girls.

Afterwards he falls asleep and she goes to the bar distressed to talk to bartender Ray Gordon Wescourtwitnessed by the two robbers hiding out in the john. One evening two customers come in with the intent to rob the place after closing time by hiding themselves in the bathroom.

It brings up awkward issues that feel both more visceral and more academic than one would hope. Meyer is not Lars von Trier; most of the film is shot in his standard archly humorous and goggle-eyed stag style.

Is Meyer turned on by rape? The obvious question is this: After some hesitation, Kelly agrees to spite her husband by stripping for other men. I wonder if this movie did well back then in the far south.

Meanwhile, Paul sobers up and interrupts the robbery in progress, only to be hog-tied.FINDERS KEEPERS, LOVERS WEEPERS! nude scenes - 23 images and 7 videos - including appearances from "Anne Chapman" - "Joey DuPrez" - "Lavelle Roby".

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| Finders Keepers, Lovers Weepers! () | Director: Russ Meyer | Cast: Anne Chapman. Finders Keepers, Lovers Weepers! nude scene reviews - Tags Finders Keepers Lovers Weepers!

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Full Movie. Sep 07,  · Shannon Purser, Kristine Froseth on Sierra Burgess is a Loser We sat down with Shannon Purser and Kristine Froseth to talk about their new Netflix. Watch Finders Keepers, Lovers Weepers!

movie online for free. Paul, the owner of a topless go-go bar on the Sunset Strip, isn't having a good day.

Movie finders keepers lovers weepers
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