Ib biology coursework mark scheme

Amino acids can be linked together in any sequence giving a huge range of possible polypeptides. Unsaturated fatty acids can be cis or trans isomers.

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Temperature, light intensity and carbon dioxide concentration are possible limiting factors on the rate of photosynthesis. Every individual has a unique proteome. The amino acid sequence of polypeptides is coded for by genes.

Chlorophyll absorbs red and blue light most effectively and reflects green light more than other colours. Helicase unwinds the double helix and separates the two strands by breaking hydrogen bonds.

Cell respiration Cell respiration is the controlled release of energy from organic compounds to produce ATP. Enzymes can be denatured.

Fatty acids can be saturated, monounsaturated or polyunsaturated. Immobilized enzymes are widely used in industry.

Substances can be hydrophilic or hydrophobic. DNA is a double helix made of two antiparallel strands of nucleotides linked by hydrogen bonding between complementary base pairs. Codons of three bases on mRNA correspond to one amino acid in a polypeptide.

Molecular biology explains living processes in terms of the chemical substances involved. Oxygen is produced in photosynthesis from the photolysis of water.

Carbon atoms can form four covalent bonds allowing a diversity of stable compounds to exist. The amino acid sequence of polypeptides is determined by mRNA according to the genetic code.

Hydrogen bonding and dipolarity explain the cohesive, adhesive, thermal and solvent properties of water. Visible light has a range of wavelengths with violet the shortest wavelength and red the longest.

Aerobic cell respiration requires oxygen and gives a large yield of ATP from glucose. There are 20 different amino acids in polypeptides synthesized on ribosomes. Metabolism is the web of all the enzyme-catalysed reactions in a cell or organism. Anaerobic cell respiration gives a small yield of ATP from glucose.

Catabolism is the breakdown of complex molecules into simpler molecules including the hydrolysis of macromolecules into monomers. Proteins Amino acids are linked together by condensation to form polypeptides. ATP from cell respiration is immediately available as a source of energy in the cell.

IB Biology

Life is based on carbon compounds including carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and nucleic acids. Carbohydrates and lipids Monosaccharide monomers are linked together by condensation reactions to form disaccharides and polysaccharide polymers.

Triglycerides are formed by condensation from three fatty acids and one glycerol.


Enzyme catalysis involves molecular motion and the collision of substrates with the active site. Energy is needed to produce carbohydrates and other carbon compounds from carbon dioxide.

DNA replication, transcription and translation 2.International Baccalaureate (IB) Past Papers with Mark Schemes Uploaded by Firasco This is an index of my International Baccalaureate (IB) Past Paper collection.2/5(30). Cell biology test - mark scheme I RibosomeII Rough endoplasmic reticulumIII ChloroplastIV LysosomeI.

Reduces permeability of the membrane to hydrophilic ionsII. Internal assessment mark-schemes for IB & Pre-IB courses at LHS Exams The internal assessment requirements are the same for biology, chemistry and physics. The internal assessment, worth is appropriate to the level and content of the course.

International Baccalaureate (IB) explained. It is important when writing a research paper, extended essay or other coursework requirement to research the paper's rubric requirements. By looking at how the piece of work will be assessed it is possible to improve your grade.

IB Exams and mark schemes. The Complete IB Biology Syllabus: SL and HL. Posted by Dora Seigel | Jul 1, PM. Practical Scheme of Work.

You also need to complete experiments and experimental reports as a part of any IB Science course. For SL, there is 40 hours of material.


For HL, there is 60 hours of material. Nov 01,  · If you require grade boundaries for IB exams, the please first check this wiki page to see if it has what you need. IB Questionbanks, Past Papers, Mark Schemes and Grade Boundaries watch.

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Ib biology coursework mark scheme
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