How to write a math textbook

I am confident that I can write a good book, appropriate for the target audience.

Writing a math textbook, program to draw diagrams?

If I were to express my major objection in the most charitable possible way, it is that most textbooks are written like reference books. Feel free to memail me if you want more information. I found myself learning many new things, and looking at some old things in a new way.

Or you might approach a publisher with the idea that your materials are an ideal study guide for an established or proposed text. There will probably be some board members who are familiar with the mathematics education research literature, and they will be comparing your instructional strategies with those in the literature.

I how to write a math textbook just finished reading one such book. Step 6 Come back and review earlier chapters in subsequent problem sets.

A piece of mathematical writing with two consecutive sentences of exposition will be derided by many as too wordy. That is, after all, how most mathematicians write.

There are probably some niche markets out there that you might work to fill, like home-schoolers. I am even doing my own illustrations, which I think are at least as good as anything I could commission. What pedagogical features do you think it should have, and why should it have them?

He had a big influence on me, especially during my periodical crises of confidence about my future in mathematics. That person will need to be currently teaching calculus, and will need to have taught calculus for a number of years to be considered.

How to Write Your Math Homework

The classical Greek idea is to hold your measurement down and chop it into pieces; the seventeenth-century method is to let it run free and watch how it changes. I am happy to report that he writes the way he teaches.

Do they have clear explanations and enough details? But this can lead to doing the wrong problem, misreading it or even frustration while looking back and forth from the book to the paper. They should limit the number of problems they do on each page. By textbook standards it was small and inexpensive, it was a paperback printed in black and white on average-quality paper which was great: What makes it different to all the other books out there?

I have no idea. They are usually very good at recording the basic facts of a subject and proving them with admirable rigor. I mostly remember him as the funniest, but also the most lucid, math teacher I have ever had.

If they start with a period after each number, they should continue this way. Professor Lockhart played a big role in getting me over that. Instead he describes a certain problem: But I have no idea when this shift will arrive or who, finally, will drive it. It is quite simply the best math book I have read in quite some time.

They have no plot, no characters. What strengths and weaknesses do the existing textbooks have? Who am I to argue? Any frayed edges of spiral bound paper should be cut off. Look for the right publisher, then check and check again.

Anyone thinking about writing a math textbook should be required to read it. I hope he writes a dozen sequels. Make sure you include everything on the list of standards for your state. Organizing their thinking is a big step to being able to wrangle through higher math. There is something slightly perverse or at least ironic about how much easier it is to deal with an infinite family of varying measurements than with a single static one.Aug 25,  · Hello, I am wanting to write a math/physics book or possibly a PDF online book and I'm wondering if anyone knows of any programs that exists for making pictures and drawing diagrams.

I not just looking for something to make x-y graphs or 3-D graphs, I'm looking for something that designed for custom problems like drawing a truck driving down a hill or a person throwing a baseball.

Mar 26,  · The trouble with math textbooks, is that there is no market for them. The professor chooses the textbook, and is often motivated by a desire to impress his colleagues with the rigor used.

How to Write a Math Book

The student, who has to actually buy the book, has no choice in which book is used. Reading a math book is different from reading other types of books and reading a math textbook is different from the traditional way students are taught to read textbooks in general.

Here are some tips on how to learn math from your math textbook.

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1. Slow down!

The flow of a math book is not like the flow of a novel. A novel should be read fluently, but math books cannot. Many students resist writing the problem. But this can lead to doing the wrong problem, misreading it or even frustration while looking back and forth from the book to the paper.

And for teachers and tutors, it’s especially annoying. Aug 15,  · How to Write a Textbook Four Parts: Preparing Your Textbook Drafting Your Textbook Preparing Your Textbook for Publication Launching and Selling Your Textbook Community Q&A With the rising costs of textbooks today, you may be interested in writing your own textbook%(52).

Write a book proposal. Every textbook company has a list of what they want in a proposal. Generally, You will need to include a title, description of the book, table of contents, and two sample chapters.

How to write a math textbook
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