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A second explanation for evil sees it as part of a divine design that man cannot fully fathom.

Harold Kushner

Stand and consider the wonders of God! There are two reasons why this is pastorally short-sighted and unsatisfying. People are advised to avoid sin and be good.

The Problem of Theodicy (II): Rabbi Harold Kushner

Kushner cites a number of biblical verses in support of this view. On the final page of the book, he says: Therefore, it is a wrong question to ask God why he allowed us to suffer.

Congregational Rabbi[ edit ] He served as the congregational rabbi of Temple Israel of Natick, in Natick, Massachusetts for 24 years and belongs to the Rabbinical Assembly.

There were several astonishing things about this interview—not unusual for religious talk shows on public radio, but astonishing still. He argues that the pain and suffering caused by the untimely demise of the loved ones inevitably brings doubts about the goodness, kindness, and even more in the existence of God.

Aaron was born with a very rare disease known as progeria or rapid aging disease. One way of explaining evil is to say that God is a righteous judge and that man gets what he deserves pp. And the consolation does not satisfy the God-given passions for truth and meaning in the human heart.

First, it is extremely dangerous on a spiritual level to say things about God, or accept ideas about God, that are not true. The proposed explanations for the problem of pain are unacceptable and inapplicable in terms of causing such undeserved pain. Whether for a rod.

It also could be that God is not the cause of our suffering.

He makes lightnings for the rain, and brings forth the wind from His treasuries. He does not admit into the discussion that eternity is sure and all wrongs will be made right at the end of time Revelation First, it goes against very clearly written biblical statements that insist that God is all-powerful.

Could it be that God has no part in allowing us to suffer?When Bad Things Happen to Good People [Harold S. Kushner] on ultimedescente.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

The #1 bestselling inspirational classic from the nationally known spiritual leader; a source of solace and hope for over 4 million readers. When Harold Kushner’s three-year-old son was diagnosed with a degenerative disease that /5().

Shannon Devlin FYS: The Truth of Suffering Professor Forte October 2, Harold Kushner Response Most people are bothered by the fact that we suffer undeservedly. From 11 to 12 this morning, Gary Eichten of Minnesota Public Radio interviewed Rabbi Harold Kushner about the collapse of the 35W bridge.

Kushner is best known for his book When Bad Things Happen to Good People. There were. The Problem of Theodicy (II): Rabbi Harold Kushner.

Response to Rabbi Kushner

February 23, One thought on “The Problem of Theodicy (II): Rabbi Harold Kushner” Pingback: My Response to the Problem of Evil «Christian Apologetics Forum Nepal. Leave a Comment Cancel reply. A Response to Harold Kushner I In a very profound way, Harold Kushner's When Bad Things Happen to Good People (Avon Books, ) and the themes it treats evoke in the reader feelings of warmth, compassion, and drawing one closer to all who suffer in this world.

The tragic story of Aaron. The Wrong Way to Deal with the Problem of Pain and Suffering: A Brief Critique of Harold Kushner’s Answer to Evil.

Harold kushner response
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