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On the voyage home, a whale rammed the schooner, ripping the seams and sending water into the hold. When Governor Lyttleton of South Carolina called out the militia to protect the colonists from the Cherokee, Marion accompanied a cavalry troop commanded by his brother as a lieutenant.

After the Battles of Lexington and Concord on April 19,the Provincial Congress voted to raise three regiments, commissioning Marion a captain in the second. Earlier in his life, he loved Mary Esther Simons but she refused his proposal and married Francis marion research paper Holmes.

Near the conclusion of the War, the Cherokees returned to their homeland from expeditions to the north to aid the English.

He was paid Continental dollars a year because Americans feared using the British pound. On the seventh, the remaining crew reached land.

Biography of Francis Marion

Francis Marion never commanded a large army or led a major battle. Two of the crewmen died on the sixth day. When he was about six, his family moved to a plantation in St.

Francis Marion

Finally, Chief Attakullakulla, known by some as "Little Carpenter," surrendered. Marion took command of a militia and had his first military success that August, when he led 50 men in a raid against the British.

Marion into the garb and dress of a military romance," Weems wrote in to Peter Horry, the South Carolina officer on whose memoir the book was based. Marion and his followers played the role of David to the British Goliath. Brigadier General Francis Marion was one of the principle military leaders of the Continental Army in the southern colonies during the Revolutionary War.

How about like this? From this place he operated in support of Gen. During the lengthy campaign, he became acquainted with the tactics of Captain Morrison who commanded a company of rangers.

Oscar likely "helped with the cooking and mending clothes, but he would also have fought alongside Marion," says Busick. Francis Marion was born in Berkeley County, S.

But for much of the next three years, he remained at the fort, occupying the time by trying to discipline his troops, whom he found to be a disorderly, drunken bunch insistent on showing up to roll call barefoot. Succumbing to hunger and thirst on the fifth day, they killed the dog for nourishment.

In this fight, which ended with the British forces in retreat to North Carolina, Marion commanded the American right wing; this was the largest number of troops he ever commanded.

Ironically, Marion returned to the family farm healthier and in better spirits than when he had left. Watson, who searched for Marion in Marchexplained his failure by concluding that Marion "would not fight like a gentleman or a Christian.

Two years later he was elected to the provincial legislature and also accepted appointment as a captain in the second of two infantry regiments South Carolina raised at the outbreak of the Revolutionary War.

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This started a war between the Cherokee nation and the colonists that eventually spread to South Carolina. Because the land had been largely untouched before the Huguenots began farming it, much effort was expended preparing the land for raising crops, leaving little time for the acquiring of formal educations.

With a small mobile force of 20 to 70 men, he embarked upon harassing operations, hitting British supply lines and cutting communications between their posts.

In November he took command of the 2nd Regiment; in November he led the regiment in an unsuccessful attack on Savannah.

Following the revocation of the Edict of Nantes, which forbade the practice of Protestantism, 50, Huguenots left France.

The Swamp Fox

Gradually, his brothers and sisters married and moved away. On the voyage home, a whale rammed the schooner, ripping the seams and sending water into the hold. Between times, he returned to his brigade, leading it in several engagements. History Table of Contents Biographical Essay Further Readings Source Citation Hero of the southern campaign in the American Revolution, who was known for his mastery of the small-unit tactics necessary for effective guerrilla warfare.

They settled in Berkeley County, near Georgetown where they became plantation owners. Marion also married his cousin Mary Esther Videau after the war. But six months later, the congress was again called to session in response to news of fighting between Massachusetts militia and British redcoats.

Every effort to capture him failed. The Cherokee used the landscape to their advantage, Marion found; they concealed themselves in the Carolina backwoods and mounted devastating ambushes.

Marion now took to the swamps and to guerrilla warfare.Francis Marion This Research Paper Francis Marion and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on Autor: review • January 8, • Research Paper • 3, Words (14 Pages) • 1, Views4/4(1).

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Francis Marion Research Paper Essay Sample. Francis Marion was born in Berkeley County, South Carolina in to Gabriel and Esther. Marion had five siblings –. The movie The Patriot exaggerated the Swamp Fox legend for a whole new generation. Although Francis Marion led surprise attacks against the British, and was known for his cunning and.

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Francis Marion Research Paper Francis Marion Francis Marion was born in Berkeley County, South Carolina in to Gabriel and Esther. Marion had five siblings - .

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