Essay questions for articles of confederation

Most importantly, any amendment to the Articles of Confederation required the ratification by all the states, a measure that virtually eliminated any chance of change. These constitutions also restricted the power of government.

What powers did the Articles of Confederation give the government? The Congress had no power to lay and collect taxes, nor did it possess the power to enforce its laws, making it virtually dependent on the states.

An executive is one person who is in charge and makes major decisions, like a president or a governor. The Congress had jurisdiction over foreign relations with the authority to form alliances and make treaties, make war and peace, sustain an army and navy, coin money, establish a postal service, create admiralty courts, and settle disputes between states.

The national legislature was the Confederation Congress.

Thus, the power vested in Congress allowed it to operate with moderate control over the states. Another obstacle in effective governing was that The Articles did not grant Congress the power to enforce its laws, instead depending on voluntary compliance by the states.

Another successful point was in the allowance of equal votes in Congress for each state and the decree that most decisions be decided by majority vote. Without an executive branch the country lacked a clear, decisive leader. However, The Articles were insufficient in several important matters.

Despite, success in expansion policies, The Articles of Confederation was a failure in creating a prosperous and efficacious country that could support and defend itself and its people.

Essay: Articles of Confederation

Any important decision had to be approved by 9 of the 13 states. How many votes did each state have? The result was the Articles of Confederation.

What powers did the Ariticles of Confederation deny to the government? What are the natural rights?

Why do you think that was? Under the Articles of Confederation the Congress had no power to tax the states, instead it depended on donations by the states.

On matters of amendment The Articles left little room for change, relying on an unanimous decision to alter it. The Articles of Confederation provided effective management of expansion for the United States.

How many states had to approve important decisions? Lacking in adequate funding, inflation soon overwhelmed the nation. Why do you think the Articles did not have an executive?This essay is based on the comparison and contrast of the Article of Confederation and the United States Constitution.

Both the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution ran. The Articles of Confederation Questions. Directions - Read the text below and answer the questions on your own paper using complete sentences.

Part 1: The Basic Rights The American colonies were in the middle of a war when they declared themselves independent from Great Britain. By the end ofjust a few short months after the signing of. Published: Mon, 5 Dec The Articles of Confederation can be referred to as the first ‘constitution’ of the United States and set out how the Federal government was to run, including implementation of United States of America, as a certified name for the new nation.

Confederation and Constitution (Essay Sample) Instructions: As depression struck the new nation in the mids, new questions arose about the nature of American democracy. Articles of Confederation versus Constitution Essay Words | 7 Pages. States left the Articles of Confederation behind for a new more adapted constitution in due to more than one reason, however a main reason for the switch had to do with the power of the federal government.

Chapter 8/9 Essay Questions: 20 Points each Articles of Confederation: In a detailed essay, describe at least two of the weaknesses of the articles of confederation and explain how they negatively affected our country at the time, citing specific examples for each.

Essay questions for articles of confederation
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