Essay on socio economic problems

Education, health and technological skills are being promoted, with increasing participation of the private sector, as well as the foreign agencies and governments The Poverty Problem: Even South Asia is awake making rapid progress while Pakistan is grappling with some of the age-old issues.

Neither individual nor nation can become successful if they do not abide by the rules and regulations of the state and society. The trade gap between import and export is incessantly increasing. Chairman, to be responsible means that to be hols accountable for an action or an activity.

Poverty itself gives rise to various other social problems.

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Additionally, Essay on socio economic problems points out that the disabled people in the towns face exclusion from education and employment and hence become more vulnerable to poverty, lack of access to health care, and neglect. Tourism Industry was one of the booming industries of Pakistan.

I will discuss some major social and economic problems that are of serious concern for social scientists and political economists. A well planned and coordinated effort must be made to uproot the culture of corruption from the society. They live in miserable conditions.

Essay UK - http: The country was then forced to adopt the Economic Structural Adjustment Programme. Not only they should be strictly dealt with, but the wealth looted by them should be recovered and employed for the welfare of people.

The begging act that is employed by beggars in the third world is different with those that are employed in the developed nations. Harare was given the status of a fort at that time. Market forces were sought to control and regulate economy.

The focus groups were stratified into men adults, women adults and youth group. They began to see that you are disabled. In US, where there is a capitalist system the one per cent elites paid 35 per cent of the overall taxes. At present the gravest problem that Pakistan is facing is its precarious law and order condition.

All problems would be solved if collective efforts are made in a disciplined manner.

Socio-Economic Problems

To increase agricultural yield and industrial productivity, the technological advancements have to be utilized. Failure to build one of the large dams can cost the country four billion dollars per year, says Dr Salman Shah, Advisor to the Prime Minister.

They focus on education, improvise healthcare, develop technologies that make life easy and much more. Prior disabled people in Zimbabwe were being kept by organizations such as Jairos Jiri, LeonardCheshire homes and many others.

The Laws such as the pass systems was enacted to deal with black beggars and destitute. It introduced oppressive laws to deal with begging.

The oil bill and import of heavy machinery consumes heft amount annually putting pressure of rupee which slumps against foreign currencies and ultimately depreciates. They agreed that if they are given employment opportunities they are willing to quit vending.

But in case of Pakistan, officials say, that goal has already been achieved and poverty already halved. Lastly, for economic development, energy crises should be controlled. It is one of the factors which condition someone to the phenomenon of begging.

The poor end up being trapped by their poverty. Moreover, feudalism and totalitarianism has deprived millions of people from their basic human rights as they are not considered equal citizens of the country with equal rights, but peasants or subjects.

Faruqui makes assumptions that Indian security is purely Pakistan-centric by adducing two-country game theory models to prove that economic diplomacy works.

The government should, therefore, be committed to the vigorous active; robust pursuit of the privatization policy. That is true indeed, whether that be in the shape of corrupt and inefficient policeman and a feeble or corrupt low judiciary.

Needless to observe that media must also remain within reasonable restrictions imposed by law. Every country in the world has its own set of socio-economic problems.

Poor are committing suicides out of hunger while rich are busy amassing more and more wealth. Disabled were released from this home without skills to be employed by the companies.The socio-economic problems of Pakistan are massive in scale and disastrous in intensity. The social hiccups range from exponential growth of population to rising rate of illiteracy, unbridled inflation to deep rooted poverty.

The country faces worst form of terrorism fanned religious intolerance and sectarianism. The covert foreign involvement has aggravated the problem. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays.

Published: Mon, 5 Dec In society, the population of the world is. Essay: Socio-Economic problem common faced in India and America Problem of unemployment is a common socio-economic problem faced in India and United states. Reasons for the problem are more or less similar only differing in.

Dec 04,  · The main issue is the extent and intensity of the socio-economic problems of Pakistan which have soared to alarming levels.

I will discuss some major social and economic problems that are of serious concern for social scientists and political economists.

The socio-economic issues are the problems that socioeconomics tackles and the factors that have negative influence on the individuals’ economic activity.

Overpopulation and Socio-economic Problems | Essay

Such issues are lack of education, ignorance, cultural and religious discrimination, overpopulation, unemployment, poverty and corruption. ADVERTISEMENTS: Overpopulation and Socio-economic Problems!

The problem of overpopulation has created unevenness with regard to migration, employment opportunities, standards of living and styles of life.

There has been a noticeable change in the rural-urban ratio. Inthe urban population was 17 per cent of the total.

Essay on socio economic problems
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