Casella wines export success

Besides tasting different, being easy to choose and to consume, Yellow Tail developed other qualities that would make it more appealing to non-wine drinkers: The success of the brand is explained by a good use of marketing tools and product innovation, but also by other factors; it remained a family affair, Casella wines export success company created an alliance with a US local wine distributor, and insisted on high-standard irrigation solutions in their vineyards.

These clearly-displayed wines stood out from the extensive choice of intimidating wines, with similarly designed bottles full of complicated terminology. The original farm of 45 acres would almost be unrecognisable today.

Which factors that the industry has long competed on should be eliminated?

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Bythe family was based at Yenda near Griffith in NSW — a region that was — and still is — diverse in agriculture. This is a clever example of innovative strategies that take consumers needs into consideration.

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InJohn became Managing Director at Casella and quickly realised the potential of exports at that time. The brand understood that many customers feel intimidated by traditional wine bottles covered with an elitist and sophisticated wine terminology that is often not very easy to understand.

That same year, Casella won the Stodart Trophy — another highly regarded award. What Yellow Tail did instead, was to create a wine that people would purchase because it tastes good, without thinking about the complicated rules of purchasing wine. The brand organized wine-tasting events in order for consumers to discover and sample the product.

Yellow Tail (wine)

Yellow Tail developed a wine that is soft and sweet in taste and as approachable as beer and ready-to-drink cocktails. In total, Casella has vineyards in 37 of the 59 regions in Australia considered to be premium wine-growing districts. The brand was also the first to use the same bottle packaging for both red and white wines, which allowed the company to simplify both the manufacturing and purchasing processes.

Casella Wines - Export Success

The quality is not the same, even if the brand won several prizes such as Jimmy Watson and Stodart in Kim and Maurborgne explained in their book that in the space of two years, Yellow Tail became the fastest growing wine brand in the US and in it became the number one red wine in a ml bottle sold in the US.

Consumers can read the name of the grape variety, which is important to American consumers, on a simple label featuring an orange Kangaroo on a black background. Whereas large wine companies developed their brands over many years of expensive marketing campaigns, Yellow Tail managed to lead the market without promotional campaigns, mass media or above-the-line advertising.

Much of the business growth can be attributed to John Casella, whose philosophy has always been that the family would produce Australian wine of great quality, not just for Australia but also for the world.

Moreover, in order to avoid confusion, consumers could initially choose either a Red Shiraz or a White Chardonnay.

Yellow Tail: Clever Brand Positioning Within The American Wine Industry

From theory to practice, Kim and Mauborgne, Book: Thanks to this clever and coherent marketing mix, in just a year, the company sold 1 million bottles in the US, which far exceeded the predicted 25, sales. InJohn built a barrel room with the capacity of 1, barriques to house wines made from special parcels of fruit that he sourced through the strong relationships he had with grape growers nationwide.With Yellow Tail’s massive success came copycats.

“In you couldn’t find an animal on a bottle of wine, now you walk in to a wine shop and it looks like the Bronx Zoo,” says Deutsch. Yellow Tail (stylised [ yellow tail ]) is a brand of wine produced by Casella Family Brands. Casella wines is based in Yenda, Australia, which has a population of approximately 1, people.

The Casella family has produced wines since the s in Italy. Casella Family Brands is a multi-beverage, family-owned company based in Australia. Read about our business, explore our brands, and find news and career information.

Casella Wines – one of Australia’s great export success stories, which created its Yellow Tail label mainly for the American market – is one of the companies that has most felt the blow of. The Casella Family – Behind Casella Wines.

Posted by Rachel Tyler on August 3, August 4, With these wines, success followed in the form of many awards. To make the grade, growers that work with the family must meet their “uncompromising commitment to quality” adage.

This has been used to ensure wines showcase the best a region. In an interesting twist, Casella Wines in July launched the hitherto export-only Yellow Tail brand onto the Australian market. Originally conceived as an export brand specifically suited to the US market, it is hoped that Yellow.

Casella wines export success
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