Case analysis of rin detergent to position or reposition

Abril 10 Key message: Market pIoneer Technolo gy oriented. There are two key types of measures that can be taken whenever we have a set of scores from participants in a given condition.

To Whom It May Concern: Identify elements of the brand could be particularly valuated to expand the territory of the brand to other product categories?

Second is the smell of the detergent consumers often associate a strong, pleasant smell with softening power and gentleness to fabric and hands.

The improved formulation of Wheel Laundry Soap also helps the users to wash more number of clothes than the traditional ball soap. The most important criterium that serves as a guideline here, is the extent to which the test sample corresponds with the qualities and characteristics of the general population being investigated.

Change How You Market As twilight sets on a weekly cattle-and-trade market in a village in Bihar, buyers collect their wares and gather in front of a stage. Thanks to the spreadsheet on his IBM Thinkpad, he can recite the demographics for every village on his itinerary — from the number of bank deposits above a certain amount to literacy rates.

Here, respondents are asked questions their behaviour, intentions, attitude, lifestyle, awareness and buying behaviour towards the toothpaste. For example, if an organization wants to conduct a survey to measure the public awareness of a media advertisement campaign, the survey should be conducted shortly after the campaign is undertaken.

As example the following can be considered: Decide on the method of data collection to be used e.


Detergent bars comprise 43 per cent of the total market and detergent powders comprise the balance 57 per cent. They are however, very valuable for exploring an issue and are used by almost all researchers at various points during large research campaigns.

Din over Rin could herald new wave of 'controversy brands'

It is advertised on more than channels across the globe. Omo, its dominant brand. How could one justify diverting money from Omo to invest in a lower-margin segment?

Available in g and g pack sizes, this brand has done exceptionally well. Hundreds Supennarkets with 3 to 9 checkouts. Our objectives were to find out what are the main features consumers look in detergents while buying, brand loyalty towards a particular brand, major reasons of switching from one brand to the other.

As shown in Exhibit 7. These methods are administered by a trained interviewer and can have either a structured or unstructured line of questioning.

Synonyms are, for instance: Product, Price, Place location and Promotion.Rin detergent case analysis group 10 1. RIN Detergent – To Position or Reposition PGHR ‘09 - Group 10 2.

RIN Detergent: To Position or Reposition Case Solution & Answer

Agenda The Situation 1 Alternatives in Hand 2 Evaluating the Alternatives in Hand 3 What we feel 4. Rin, Unilever's mass-market detergent brand, has just unleashed a frontal attack on Tide, and the media is abuzz with talk of a marketing war between Unilever and P&G.

Essay on The Monica Ashley Case Words | 4 Pages As the project manager of “Project Hippocrates”, Monica had formal individual power which came from her position. RIN Detergent: To Position or Reposition case study solution, RIN Detergent: To Position or Reposition case study analysis, Subjects Covered Consumer marketing Marketing campaigns Marketing implementation Marketing strategy Product positioning Tradeoff analysis by Wasim Azhar So.

Mar 05,  · Tide Ad issue: Case before Calcutta High Court share in laundry segment has spread from pricing to other platforms like open air advertising etc.

Project on Detergent

P&G has filed a case in the Calcutta High Court against Hindustan Unilever's new ad campaign, which openly claims the superiority of its product Rin over P&G's Tide. Rin Vs. Tide Author: Court Verdict Published in Dailies.


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Case analysis of rin detergent to position or reposition
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