A review of my project on different types of cars

You can customise everything, from the time of year to the weather to the cars and even the skill level and aggression of your opponents.

The wide range of vehicles and tracks provide a range of accurate driving experiences, replicated to the finest detail using test drivers from real-life car manufacturers. While it sounds exciting, has developer Slightly Mad Studios delivered on the bold claim?

Project CARS 2 is, overall, a success. The cars are incredibly detailed, from the individual functioning dials on the in-car dashboard to the pattern of the carbon fibre and rattling car parts.

Here’s The Full Car List For Project Cars 2

The addition of Rally Cross brings a whole new element of the game too, especially for fans of drifting. The developer has said that the AI system provides more natural gameplay for AI-powered drivers, meaning that the drivers may make human errors like not replacing worn down tires on a long race and occasionally taking a corner completely wrong.

This echoes the life of a professional racing driver and is theoretically sound but the execution proves too feeble. The weather conditions can be manually selected in any custom race setup, with users even able to select multiple weather conditions for a single race.

It goes deeper than that though, as the developer has even included things like dynamic drying lines on the track for extra authenticity — driving in a similar line to those around you will dry that particular path quicker than the rest of the track, providing more grip than the surrounding tarmac.

But using a steering wheel? Small details like way that sunlight shimmers off the body of supercars and the way rain is swept across the windscreen in Project CARS 2 really makes the game feel more realistic and immersive.

The system gives you get access to invitational events and season-end contract offers, as well as general fan feedback, dependent on your on-track performances, via a social media system.

Project Cars review – a strikingly authentic simulation

What if you just want to create your own race with your own rules and regulations? When using a steering wheel like the G you can feel every little bump in the road, you can feel the resistance when drifting, you can feel everything.

The UI in the first game was overly complicated for new users and it took a while to find the game type you were looking for. In fact, they were so dedicated to the idea of making the cars as true-to-life as possible that they got test drivers from the likes of Ferrari to drive the cars in a driving simulator to confirm that they handle as they would in real life.

That, coupled with the fact that there are over cars available in the game, from go-karts to supercars and everything in between, there is enough variety to keep even the most dedicated petrol head occupied for quite a while. Here, the changing conditions are far from cosmetic, bringing a huge sense of excitement and uncertainty to qualifying sessions and the races themselves.

Serious players, though, should consider a force feedback steering wheel controller; with this installed, Cars provides a greater appreciation of track and tyre contact than even Gran Turismo 6 manages.

While trivial individually, these niggles are constant enough to instil an unnerving feeling of things being rushed and unfinished, further compounded by inconsistencies in how various elements of the game present themselves throughout.

Want to find out how Zolder will handle a McLaren P1 at full chat? It gives you greater control over your acceleration, breaking and steering, allowing you to take more risks and feel like more of a badass when you perfectly execute a complex manoeuvre on the final stretch of the last lap of the race.

Has your lifelong dream been to complete the entire 24 hours of Le Mans in a superkart? Pinterest The sound, sights and feel of racing are all obsessively captured by the design team.

The system calculates how long each weather system should stay in play based on the race, and will dynamically transition between each weather condition throughout the race for a more realistic feel. Coming back to your career dashboard to find a mail or Tweet identical to the one you received just one or two races previously does nothing to enrich the experience.

Those that just want to drive, can, while those that want to customise the track, layout, car performance or even the weather system, are still free to do so.

It opens up the customisation from dedicated fans to just about anyone interested in cars and racing, and was badly needed in a game where the customisation is so deep and detailed. There is some sense of what the wheels and chassis are up to via a joypad but the exposure to the full Cars experience is limited, and also much harder though it is possible to get good lap times with practice.

Bandai Namco And if there is a feeling of impatient enthusiasm at the core of Cars, there is also a noticeable push to shake things up.

Project Cars 2 review

Select one of three fully customisable difficulty levels, survive the aforementioned LMP1 outing, and you can dive into the Quick Race Weekend and Free Practice options to gain entry to all current track variations from 31 mostly licensed locations, as well as the odd vehicles you can race on them.

Controller vs Steering Wheel Despite the developers putting more effort into controller support in Project CARS 2, it was still an underwhelming experience.Jul 01,  · Here’s The Full Car List For Project Cars 2. We’ve already had a glimpse of the vast variety of vehicle types in PC2, from Rallycross machines to IndyCar, Reviews: May 14,  · Project Cars review – a strikingly authentic simulation the choice between three types of vocational path for your created driver to commit to – ranging from zero-to-hero progression to 4/5.

The full Project CARS 2 car list. The full Project CARS 2 car list Motor Sport home; Subscribe Here's our review. Plus, Project CARS will be getting a mobile release soon: Review: Project Cars 2 Japanese and Fun Car Packs Japanese Car Pack. Project CARS portrays racing events spanning multiple days, Project CARS was released in different editions.

The sequel was released in 22 September and features new vehicle types and motorsport classes including Rallycross, IndyCar, and Oval.

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Sep 18,  · Watch video · Project CARS 2 Review. Share. The top tier cars and event types are unlocked for custom events, even if you haven’t reached them in your solo career. Project CARS 2 comes with + cars /

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A review of my project on different types of cars
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