A literary analysis of a visit to grandmother by william melvin

His father invites him along for the reunion, suggesting that they visit his mother, whom Chig calls Mama, while they are in the area. The family sits down to dinner; during the meal, Charles finally explodes and his feelings come out. He tells his mother that he never felt loved by her, that she spent all her time and gave all her kindness to GL while beating him for his wrongdoings.

Living up north had changed how Charles viewed the world. Charles appears resentful of his brother, becoming more upset the more they talk about him. His father, Charles, had barely seen his mother in the past thirty-years, due to him running away.

Mama is surprised and confused, assuring Charles that she loved him just as much as GL, though she treated the two boys differently.

Grandmother continued telling stories and they all laughed at how easy they had taken the horse from the white men. Dunford decides he wants to attend his twenty-year college reunion in Nashville. To be notified when we launch a full study guide, please contact us.

Charles had grown up to be a doctor up north, and had earned everything he owned legally. The way they talk to each other gives off this tiny bit of personality, which seems to tell you all of their life-story. Innine years before his death, he received the Ansfield-Wolf Book Award for Lifetime Achievement for his use of comedy to examine American attitudes toward race, and particularly toward blackness.

Kelley comments on this in the forward to the collection, saying that he meant, with his writing, to depict real people and real scenarios, not to use people as symbols for larger themes. The use of indirect and direct characterization adds to the effect of the story.

Now he was back south visiting Grandmother with his son. And in the second place, both of you might have been seriously injured or even killed. In the final scene, Charles gets up from the table in a rush and runs upstairs to his room.

His brother had always been the center of attention in the family, which is why Charles ran away in the first-place. That being said, in this story Kelley manages to use only briefly developed characters to depict the nature of family, unity, and estrangement in a way that is both tragic and universally understandable.

Chig then goes back in time to explain the circumstances that led father and son to this house in Tennessee. Ten days before the event, Dr. William Melvin Kelley was an African-American novelist and short story writer, most famous for his first book, A Different Drummer, published in As he watches his father greet his grandmother, Chig suspects his father may have used the reunion as an excuse to visit his family to resolve some underlying issues, though Charles claims it is the other way around.

Despite this, Kelley uses foreshadowing to build suspense, as in the first paragraph when he makes it clear that Dr. He claims that she was always too busy to spend time with him, though she made time for outings with GL. Full study guide for this title currently under development.

A Visit to Grandmother Questions and Answers

Charles Dunford, takes him on a trip to visit his grandmother, a woman he barely knows, while visiting Nashville, Tennessee for a college reunion. He expresses to his mother the resentment he has carried in his heart for years, which led to the distance between them.

Tragically, at that moment GL, smiling his carefree and innocent smile, arrives at the door, thrilled at the chance to reunite with his beloved brother. Back then, some colored people in the south were jealous of the rich white men who had expensive things such as horses and buggies.

The story is told by Chig, a seventeen-year-old boy whose father, Dr. Dunsford is unsettled, though Chig is unsure why. Chig watches his father greet his grandmother in her house in Nashville.

A long life with bumps in the road, which all may have been for the better of it.Literary Analysis – “A Visit to Grandmother” December 17, 10/13/ “A Visit to Grandmother” is a short-story written by William Melvin Kelley. In the story, Chig and his father go to visit Chig’s grandmother.

His father, Charles, had barely seen his mother in. English Work Complete Literary Analysis 1. Use details from the story to compare and contrast the characters of Charles and GL. In the short story "A visit to grandmother" by William Melvin Kelley the character named Dr.

Charles Dunford, is "a man so kind that when people ventured timidly into his office it took only a few words to make.

In William Melvin Kelley's short story "A Visit to Grandmother," Charles's reaction to the story about GL and the wild horse was very severe and serves to develop themes of the story concerning.

English 10 SCA Clark A Visit to Grandmother by William Melvin Kelley study guide by shaugen15 includes 12 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more. Quizlet flashcards, activities and games help you improve your grades. "A Visit to Grandmother" is a story by William Melvin Kelley.

The story is about a father taking his teenage son to visit the boy's grandmother. "A Visit to Grandmother" appears in "Dancers on the Shore," a collection of short stories published in Themes of Kelley's story center on family.

At the end of "A Visit to Grandmother," the author describes GL's smile as the innocent smile of a five-year-old. Why does the author compare GL to a five-year-old? A.

A literary analysis of a visit to grandmother by william melvin
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